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The Center

The “Palestinian Documentation Center” began its activities in December 2015.
The Center’s main goal is to promote Palestinian history, culture and art, through methodical work of archiving, translation and diffusion of selected materials, with Palestine as our research subject and inspiration.

The purpose of this project is to contribute to the defence and conservation of the historical, political, and cultural memory of the Palestinian people’s struggle in defense of their inalienable rights of return and self-determination.

Concretely, the Center will organize cultural events, gatherings, conferences, congresses, concerts, seminars, cultural exchanges, and other activities that may contribute to the diffusion and promotion of Palestinian history and culture.

The Palestinian Documentation Center provides to the public the opportunity to examine, study and consult all of the historical documents in its possession, which constitute the Center’s Archive.

The Center will also host a frequently updated library which is open for research and consultation and which represents, along with the original historical documents preserved by the Center, the cultural inheritance that we aim to preserve and accumulate, with the assistance of all supporters of our project and its goals.