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The priority of the Palestinian Documentation Center (PDC) of Rome is the defense of the collective memory and the historical identity of the Palestinian people. Our commitment, with the help of supporters and friends, is to make the PDC a point of reference for anyone interested in exploring the history and culture of Palestine and its people. To this end, the Center, founded in December 2015, provides its Historical Archive, its library and its audio-visual materials for scientific or academic research, for cultural-artistic initiatives or for personal investigation into the past and/or the present of Palestine.

The PDC is committed to carry on its cultural and informational work supporting the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people to Self-Determination, to Return and to struggle for liberation.

The documentation, production, translation and distribution of all historical, political and cultural material in possession of the PDC will concretely increase knowledge and awareness of Palestinian culture, history, literature and art. We are also convinced that a greater and more direct connection with Palestine and its people will entail the development of understanding and informed interpretation of current dynamics in the Middle East and in Europe. On this basis, we intend to promote concrete support to the Palestinian cause, engaging with the active and conscious participation of a growing proportion of society and the regions in which we live. A space, a place and a moment that belongs first and foremost to all Palestinians, especially youth and those living in Italy, who should rightfully continue to be the protagonists of the struggle in defense of their own memory and identity.

The work of the PDC includes: collection (the archive of documents), production (publications, translations, documentaries, articles, analysis) and dissemination (initiatives, events, screenings, debates, exchanges). In order to meet its expenses and sustain its activities, the Center will organize periodic activities: film screenings (documentaries, films); fundraising dinners; and Palestinian Arabic language classes. These activities will be complemented by projects for the promotion of Palestinian folklore and traditions or the preservation of Palestinian oral memory and history: a collection of speeches and interviews recorded with Palestinians in Palestine and the Diaspora on the realities of their lives and their visions of the Palestinian cause. The activities and projects of the Center will also include ad-hoc initiatives such as discussions, lectures and thematic meetings.

The PDC of Rome will grow and will keep faith to its ambitious objectives, as we have described them. In order to do so, we hope to receive the support of those who believe in the necessity of its work. You can contribute to this project in many different ways, from small financial donations to sending material to be included in the archive.




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